Trasporti Accessibili




Considering the large amount of data collected and their complexity, the website was considered the most suitable, effective and cheap tool in order to spread information to a large public formed by disabled travellers, experts in the field, transport companies and public institutions.
Furthermore, considering the evolution of the means of transport owned by transport companies, collected data and information change rapidly and the website, unlike paper publications, can be frequently and easily updated.

Contents were organized in the following sections:

  • Methodology

This section describes in detail the method used to plan and implement the project as a whole. This section was thought for all those associations/bodies who would like to apply this kind of survey to their territory.

  • Vademecum

There are two vademecums: one specific for the disabled traveller and the other for public transport companies.
The first one contains practical suggestions for disabled people who would like to use public transport in the Lombardy Region.
The second one gives a number of suggestions to transport companies in order to improve accessibility of their service to people with disabilities.

  • Data base

Thanks to the search engine, this section allows to directly consult the data collected with interviews made to transport companies and with the direct surveys to the relative infrastructures.

  • Statistics

This section contains a quantitative analysis of the data collected.

  • Evaluations

This section contains an analysis of the points of weakness and strength of Lombardy’s public transport concerning the accessibility to disabled passengers.

  • Body of legislation

This section contains a list of laws regulating public transport. The body of legislation was divided in: general principles, European legislation, Italian legislation and legislation of the Lombardy Region.

  • Information

This section contains a list of names and addressed of tourist offices in each capital of a province that can provide information on local public transport.

  • Around cities

This section provides tourist information and suggestions on the 11 capitals of a province of the Lombardy Region, with specific information for disabled tourists.